West Fjords

Take a detour from the Ring Road, hit the gravel road, and explore the majesty of the remotely located Westfjords. The adventure is waiting for you!

Prices starting from
ISK 104,000 per person*

Summer & autumn
1+ people
05 days
Guided/self-drive tour

(*) Displayed price based on self-drive with 4 people with a Navigate type vehicle and Economy accommodation in shoulder season.

This Iceland Highlights tour gives you a chance to explore real Iceland's wilderness in the region that is often disregarded by other tourists. Westfjords with their stunning landscapes and unspoiled nature touch your heart and steal its part forever. It is one of few regions that has such a rich diversity, with Arctic foxes and puffins on top of it. You drive through the numerous beautiful fjords with magnificent mountains towering above them. Many attractions are on your way such as Europe's westernmost point and the highest bird cliff Látrabjarg as well as dramatic waterfall Dynjandi. This all becomes even more glorious in the midnight sun in summertime. It is a real adventure!

What's included in the West Fjords tour?

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  • Gasoline / Diesel
  • Personal Travel Insurances
  • Additional activities
  • Meals or drinks
  • Entrance fees unless otherwise stated
  • Parking and road tunnel fees
  • Ferry cost between Brjánslækur and Stykkishólmur
  • Any services not listed under list of included items

Explore the West Fjords tour day-by-day

  1. Day 1 Hólmavík - Strandir

    The tour starts by driving all the way to Hólmavík where you can visit the Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft Museum. Then you continue going North to the isolated area of Strandir. Icelanders usually go there hiking or simply soaking calm and peace of the region. Accommodation in the area.

    Driving distance is +-225km.

  2. Day 2 Ísafjörður - Bolungarvík

    Next destination is Ísafjördur, the capital of Westfjords and the largest town in the region. On the way there you drive along numerous fjords surrounded by monumental steep slopes from one side and dark blue water from another. You can ramble on the streets of Ísafjörður and enjoy its historical 18th century buildings and fine selection of restaurants offering traditional westfjord food. Just a little further, on the fjordhead, there is Bolungarvík, a small fishing town worth s visit. Overnight stay in Ísafjörður area.

    Driving distance is +-254km.

  3. Day 3 Patreksfjörður

    Today you explore many of the spectacular fjords on your journey to Patreksfjörður. You pass Hrafnseyri, the birthplace of Jón Sigurdsson, who affected the battle for independence and Dynjandi, the most dramatic and impressive waterfall of the whole peninsula. In beautiful Arnarfjörður we recommend to take a detour and drive all the way to Selárdalur. The final destination is the largest village of the area - Patreksfjörður - where you stay overnight.

    Driving distance is +-170km.

  4. Day 4 Látrabjarg - Rauðisandur - Brjánslækur

    One of the greatest highlights of the tour is scheduled for today. From Patreksfjörður, you drive through a rural area to see the famous bird cliff, Látrabjarg. It is up to 400 meters high, and mobbed by nesting seabirds. You can walk all the way to the edge of the cliff and get really close especially to tame puffins. Látrabjarg is also considered Europe's westernmost point. After enjoying the walk in the roaring bird kingdom you drive to Rauðisandur. It is a unique beach with red and deep pink sands in contrast to typical for Iceland black ones. From there you continue your ride along the south coast. Overnight stay in the area.

    Driving distance is +-148km.

  5. Day 5 Flatey - Stykkishólmur

    After finalizing the circle of Westfjords you take a ferry over to Stykkishólmur in Snæfellsnes via Flatey, a small charming island in Breiðarfjörður. Stykkishólmur is an old fishing town with charming colourful houses and fairly good choice of restaurants. It is recommended to try Icelandic cuisine in the town before heading back to Reykjavik.

    Driving distance is +-223km.

Day 1 - Hólmavík
Day 2 - Bolungarviík
Day 2 - Ísafjörður
Day 3 - Patreksfjörður
Day 4 - Brjánslækur
Day 4 - Látrabjarg
Day 5 - Flatey
Day 5 - Stykkisholmur
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