Southern Highlands

Southern Highlands combine multi-coloured rhyolite mountains with steaming geothermal springs, gloomy black lava fields and countless lakes. Do not hesitate, let’s get the adventure started!

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ISK 63,000 per person*

Summer & autumn
1+ people
03 days
Guided/self-drive tour

(*) Displayed price based on self-drive with 4 people with a Navigate type vehicle and Economy accommodation in shoulder season.

If you want to experience pure nature and take a deep breath in a desolate outback, this tour is a great choice. Fjallabak Nature Reserve with its precious Landmannalaugar offers breathtaking views. Rhyolite and obsidian turned the hills into a colorful paradise, whereas lava fields spread their gloom in the valleys. Additionally, here and there everything is shrouded in the steams of geothermal springs. You can go on an exciting drive through the gravel roads of the interior, hike Bláhnúkur volcano crater or simply relax in the hot springs. There is plenty to do and to see.

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Explore the Southern Highlands tour day-by-day

  1. Day 1 Landmannalaugar - Fjallabak N

    You begin the tour by heading straight to the highlands. You drive through the beautiful valley of Þjórsárdalur. Once you are inland you keep driving through rather barren land up to the moment when the landscape becomes unbelievably colorful with steaming hot springs. It is a clear sign that you arrived in Landmannalaugar wonderland. The fuss at the base is caused by numerous hikers starting here famous Laugavegurinn trail. You can find peace in the hills above though. There is also a popular hot pot where you can take a bath. Spend the rest of the day on exploring breathtaking sites of Fjallabak Nature Reserve. There is several places worth a visit, like Ljótipollur and Bláhnúkur craters or Frostastaðavatn lake. Overnight stay in Landmannalaugar area.

    Driving distance is +-175km.

  2. Day 2 Fjallabak S

    This day is dedicated to the southern part of Fjallabak Nature Reserve and its constantly changing landscape. The whole region was formed in the volcanic eruptions and has been affected by geothermal activity. Its majestic multi-coloured rhyolite and obsidian mountains together with numerous lakes and jaggy lava flows creates true wonderland. It is a lot of fun driving up and down on these gravel roads, crossing several un-bridged rivers and visiting various geothermal areas and waterfalls. You should also take breaks, step out of the car and enjoy beauty and calm of this pure nature. There is several hiking options that you should try out. Experience travelling in a unique wilderness. Overnight stay in the area.

    Driving distance is +-130km.

  3. Day 3 Reykjavík

    On the last day of the tour you pass by monumental Hekla volcano, the most active volcano in Iceland and slowly head back to Reykjavík. You can make a little detour to majestic Háifoss, one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland. Enjoy a relaxing drive through the lowlands with stopping by at the points of interest.

    Driving distance is +-203km.

Day 1 - Landmannalaugar
Day 2 - Fjallabak N
Day 3 - Fjallabak S
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Please note that the route can change due to weather and/or road conditions.

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