Northern Highlands

Travel across Iceland from the South to the North through the desolate interior highlands. Reserved for real adventurers.

Prices starting from
ISK 104,000 per person*

Summer & autumn
1+ people
05 days
Guided/self-drive tour

(*) Displayed price based on self-drive with 4 people with a Navigate type vehicle and Economy accommodation in shoulder season.

This tour lets you bravely venture Iceland's interior where only few arrives. Its gloomy inhospitable black deserts mingle with extremely beautiful colourful mountain ranges and geothermal oasis. You begin at the barren land of Kjölur to next become enchanted by a multi-coloured mountains and geothermal hot springs of Kerlingarfjöll. The North welcomes you by spectacular Goðafoss and Dettifoss waterfalls along with a geological and ornithological honeypot of the Mývatn lake. You have a chance to see all Iceland's largest ice caps from the heart of the island, instead of the popular side of the Ring Road. Old haunted Sprengisandur track takes you on a journey back in time. This 8-day tour includes countless natural wonders.

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Explore the Northern Highlands tour day-by-day

  1. Day 1 Kjölur

    You begin a tour by embarking on real highlands adventure right away. You drive up to outback desolation of Kjölur route. You can make a little detour to the stunning colourful mountains and steamy hot springs of Kerlingarfjöll. After returning to the main road, the barren landscape between the glaciers Hofsjökull and Langjökull leads you to a little oasis of Hveravellir. It is a geothermal area of fumaroles and hot springs, where you can relax in a lucious human-made bathing pool. Upon request, you may stay over the night in a cabin and explore the area more. Otherwise, you continue driving towards the North. Accommodation is scheduled in Skagafjörður region.

    Driving distance is +-334km.

  2. Day 2 Mývatn - Húsavík

    Today you head to the lake Mývatn, tourist and ornithological honeypot. This area serves you diverse landscape of the lake itself created in a large basaltic lava eruption, volcanic craters, ex. Krafla or Hverfell, and peculiar lava formations of Dimmuborgir. You can also soothe the senses in the Mývatn Nature Baths, geothermal natural pool, northern Iceland's version of the Blue Lagoon. Then you move on to the North to visit Húsavík. It is a charming fishing village best known as the country's greatest spot for whale watching. Stay overnight in the Mývatn area.

    Driving distance is +-321km.

  3. Day 3 Askja - Mývatn

    You firstly drive a bit back to the East, and then to the South through the bare land up to majestic Askja. It is an utterly desolate volcanic caldera, filled up with water that forms Öskjuvatn, second deepest lake in Iceland. On the side of it, there is a little tephra crater Víti with sapphire-blue geothermal water. Enjoy the hike in this picturesque surrounding and consider a bath in Víti pool. If you have enough time, you can also visit the new lava field in Holuhraun, north of Vatnajökull and the unique Kverkfjöll geothermal area located on the glacier. At the end, you drive back to Mývatn and stay there another night.

    Driving distance is +-268km.

  4. Day 4 Sprengisandur N

    Take your time to visit other spectacular sites by Mývatn lake, that you did not have a chance to see before. Then you begin heading back to the South through the central highlands. Sprengisandur route goes across bleak deserted land that used to be a subject of many legends and ghost stories, so just in case keep your eyes open. Stop on the way by Hrafnabjargarfoss & Aldeyjarfoss waterfalls. You arrive in a green oasis of Laugafell in the barren land between the glacier Hofsjokull and Vatnajokull. Overnight stay in the area.

    Driving distance is +-281km.

  5. Day 5 Sprengisandur S - Reykjavík

    Today you continue heading to the South-West. The magnificent views to Vatnajökull and Hofsjökull glaciers, and Þórisvatn lake are on your way. When leaving the interior, you drive through the beautiful valley of Þjórsárdalur. In the summer time, you can make a little detour to majestic Háifoss, one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland. The monumental Hekla volcano, country's most active volcano is towering in a distance, guarding the interior. Then take a stop at the charming Hjálparfoss, and by Þjóðveldisbærinn, a restored Viking house. At the end enjoy a relaxing drive through the lowlands with stopping by at the points of interest.

    Driving distance is +-148km.

Day 1 - Geysir
Day 1 - Gullfoss
Day 1 - Kjölur
Day 1 - Þingvellir
Day 2 & 3 - Myvatn
Day 2 - Húsavík
Day 2 - Skagafjörður
Day 3 - Askja
Day 4 & 5 - Sprengisandur
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